Established in 2007, we now manage around 300 colonies in 4 counties here in East Tennessee. We only label and sell honey that is produced by our bees and we keep it unfiltered and raw (with a heated option). We process and use our own wax for all of our beeswax products. The Burns and The Bees are proud to offer pollen analysis on every honey harvest (provided by Texas A&M University) assuring you that you have purchased honestly labeled local honey..



  We believe that a lot of the problems the bees and their keepers face these days are the result of the industrialization of agriculture. Not just the large mono-culture farms and the chemicals used on the plants and land create problems but the migratory and chemical dependent beekeeping practices that have become mainstream are affecting the health of honey bees as well.  


We hope to bee part of the movement towards more sustainable local food systems. Farms should places where bees can thrive year-round and honey and produce can be harvested and consumed without fear of contamination.  

What sets us apart from most bee and honey producers is as much about what we don't do as what we do. Instead of relying on synthetic chemical mite treatments that are proven to contaminate the wax and honey and negatively affect the bees reproductive organs, we only use organic acids when we treat for mites. We also manage one of our apiaries completely treatment free, just a small part of our efforts to breed for bees that are naturally resistant to pests and pathogens. We never feed our honey production colonies sugar or corn syrup. This means we have to harvest much less honey per colony than most beekeepers. This assures our girls can thrive on plenty of the sweet stuff they worked so hard to produce.








 Committed to Sustainable Beekeeping 
 Honey Bee Education, Outreach Programs and Presentations 

   Our education programs have now reached over 1000 school aged children in our broader community. We always include honey tastings, live bees and hands-on experiences. We offer basic bee biology and anatomy lessons that often meet and exceed state standards. From reading pre-school books to maintaining an on-site educational hive, we have developed plans for all. 


 If you are a school, community, church, homeschool or just a group or family interested in honey bees and beekeeping, we would love to share our bees, knowledge, equipment and materials with you. 


 We also offer talks and presentations at bee clubs, conventions and conferences. These presentations can have a variety of topics such as honey bee health, raising queens, mead making honey production and marketing/honey sales and many more.