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“Mountain Mutts”

East Tennessee Rasied Bees and Queens


  Our queens are the result of our selective breeding  process over the past 10 years of raising queens in East Tennessee.  We have 4 lines of breeders that are at least 9 generations past imported stock.  These lines have been in Tennessee for 10 years. 


  We Select For:

  • Queen/Colony Longevity; By only using queens that have survived at least 2 winters in East Tennessee as breeders.

  • Mite and Disease Resistance; We have never used antibiotics or synthetic miticides. We only use organic mite treatments when necessary and we manage one of our apiaries completely  treatment free. 

  • Gentle Bees; By working them in a T-shirt and pinching queens from colonies that are too hot!

  We put a lot of effort into our Genetic Diversity.  We have stocked our mating yards with drone producers from selected lines such as:  VSH, Carniolan, Indiana Ankle Biters, Minnesota Hygienic, treatment free “Zombees” developed by Sam Comfort in NY, as well as queens from Michael Palmer in VT. We also put a lot of effort into catching swarms from remote locations along the TN/NC state lines. 

  We allow our queens lay for a minimum of 21 days before caging. Research has shown that queens caged sooner have less developed ovarioles. Queens are $40 each plus shipping. We highly recommend coming to our nuc yard in Dandridge for pickup. This is so you can see the brood for yourself. You can even help catch your queens  if you want!  (Inquire about large order pricing.)

  5 Frame Nucs (Deep or Medium frames, customers choice) $185 each with pickup in Dandridge TN. Our nucs consist of a Mountain Mutt queen, 5 frames covered in bees with 3 frames of mixed brood and 2 frames of food in a plastic nuc box. We insist on inspecting every nuc with the customer so you know exactly what you are getting.

  “Hived” Nuc (Deep frames only) are $300 each. This option is one of our 5 frame nucs installed into a 10 frame box complete with top, screened bottom board, wooden hive stand, and plastic hive top feeder! (This equipment is used but still functional.)

To order, text  Aaron at 865-235-8553, email us at or message us on Facebook.  No deposit required.  I will be contacting folks on a first come first served basis as they are available which should bee May – Sept.                                                                                                                                     

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   It's been proven that the only fuel to produce a balanced negative ion is pure beeswax. Other natural ionizers include moving water (oceans, waterfalls, rain) and plants. Anything floating in the air, does so because it is 'positively charged' - this includes dusts, pollens, nasty odors, viruses, bacteria, germs and even toxic residues and emissions. The negative ions bind with the positive ions, creating a complete molecules, which are heavier than air and thus causing them to fall  to the ground where you can then vacuum ‘em up! Short of setting up a waterfall or rainforest in your living room, or buying an expensive electric ionizer, burning beeswax candles is the simplest and most effective way of purifying the air that you breathe.