When we moved to the Dandridge area we drove around looking for areas that our bees could thrive and environments that would produce quality honey. We put up signs in these areas asking folks to contact us if they had interest in us keeping bees on their property. We were so excited to receive multiple offers! For the area to make the cut, it had to relatively remote, far from any industrial agriculture, gas stations or food joints with the owners agreeing to use no chemicals. We are so thankful to have found so many beautiful locations with such supportive families. Even with the move to a new area, we kept our educational hives at Nature's Way Montessori School in Knoxville as well as our hives at Lacewing Farm in Corryton. We are excited to have 10 locations in E. Tennessee.  


Below you can read more about each location, see photos and even go on an aerial tour of our bee yards.