Our honey will crystallize and we love it!



Our raw, unfiltered honey crystallizes faster than processed honey because it still contains all of the pollen and enzymes, just the way the bees made it. We enjoy the change in consistency and flavor that comes with crystallization. Try it!

  For folks that like their honey liquid, we offer honey that’s been heated to 100 degrees to liquefy. If you prefer our heated honey, please bee sure to let us know when you place your order. There will be an “H” written on the label. (Crystallized honey can be placed into a sink of hot water to liquefy. Microwaving not recommend.) 


  Keep in mind, according to University of Tennessee, “Excessive heat can have detrimental effects on the nutritional value of honey. Heating up to 98.6 F causes loss of nearly 200 components, part of which are antibacterial”.


  Pollen Analysis by Texas A&M says…

  • Our Halls Honey has the predominate nectar source of Clover. This honey was harvested from our apiaries in and around Halls and Knoxville Tennessee.

  • Our Grassy Fork August Honey is a special one! Coming in at 83% Sourwood, making it a true varietal honey. This honey was the second harvest of 2019 from our bees in Grassy Fork, near Hartford TN.

  • Our Cosby Honey is 74% Sourwood with Clover as the second dominate nectar source.

  • Our dark Grassy Fork June Harvest has the predominate nectar sources of Tulip Poplar and Magnolia. This honey comes from our apiaries in the mountains near the TN/NC boarder.