More than honey...

Swarm Removals and Established Colony Cut-Outs


   Do you have honey bees in your home or on your property...and you don't want to keep them?  We have years of experience removing both swarms and established colonies. Each situation is different, please give us a call for further guidance.

Pollination Services 



   Have an organic or CNG farm or garden? Properly pollinated crops will ensure a sucessfull yeild of produce and put even more food onto the table or into the jar. Contact us for more pollination information.




Education, Outreach Programs and Speaking Events


   Honey bees can fit into and add more excitement and wonder to just about any lesson, meeting or event.  There are many possibilities including on site table top observation hives to hands-on field trips visiting local apiaries. Together, we can customize a group outreach for your school, church, community or family. All ages!  Please contact Kellie with questions and interest. 

Hive Inspections 

   Have a honey bee hive and you're wondering what the heck is going on in there? With 8 years of hands-on beekeeping experience, Aaron may be able to diagnose your colony's problems. Price dependent on time and travel. Contact us.  


...and Natural Building too! 

   We have both enjoyed and became experienced in natural building methods, particularly cob. Having built both structures and earthen ovens, we are interested in being contracted for natural building projects. Let's get together and talk about your ideas and plans.